What I Wore Sunday {October 12, 2014}, fluff and substance

Hello there! It’s been a while since I linked up for What I Wore Sunday at Fine Linen and Purple, so I thought I’d join in this week.

It’s a gorgeous October weekend here in central Wisconsin! I ran a 5k yesterday at a local veteran’s memorial park. It’s an amazing place and the only manned veteran’s memorial of it’s kind in the US, from what I understand. I had a good race but failed to account for the hills in the area… that last one was TOUGH! I finished strong, though, and loved that my husband and daughters came along to cheer me (and the other racers) on! There weren’t a lot of spectators, and it means a lot at the end when your legs feel tired and you are ready to be done… my husband and I had a lovely talk about silencing the “inner mean girl” before the race. My husband is amazing, and the things he suggested really worked!

Here’s what I wore to Mass this morning. It’s COLD in the mornings now, our highs have been in the low 50’s the past few days. This is one of my favorite StitchFix wrap dresses. I layered it with tights, a scarf, jean jacket, and boots for warmth, and I needed all of those! 🙂












I succumbed to peer pressure last week and actually tried to apply Jamberry Nails. I had a hard, hard time and did a little Googling after I was done because I got tons of wrinkles in the tips. Those lasted about 8 days before I removed them, but they kept catching on my hair and clothes because they wouldn’t seal very well. :/ I talked to a consultant and she sent me a video link for ladies who have curved nail beds (I do!) and the second ones I tried went on like butter. SO easy and they look amazing! Now – now, I get the hype. I really like them and removing them was so easy compared to professional manicures I have gotten! If you are interested in a free sample or need help, I highly recommend Cari (and I don’t know her personally at all… I found her on Facebook).


Accent nail: Jamberry, Essie Mango Tango

Have a blessed Sunday!



Box review: {Wantable} March 2014

So there are few things I love more than getting pretty packages in the mail, right? (My dear husband can attest to this… as can my lovely mailman, Chuck. And yes, we are on a first-name basis. The fill-in mailman, Jason, made a point to introduce himself to me a few weeks ago. Perhaps Chuck warned him about our high packages rate? I’m not sure. :))

I have been reading some reviews recently of Wantable – they offer three different boxes (hello, choices!) of makeup, accessories, and intimates. The initial purchase price is higher than the other subs I have ($36/month) but the quality and quantity of pieces is excellent, and they offer FREE returns. Seriously, people. You don’t like what they chose for you, you send it back. LOVE that. However, the clincher is when I happened to see that they are a Wisconsin-based business. I’m all for supporting local businesses, so… there you go.

I chose the accessories box.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the extensive questionnaire I filled out.  I was given the opportunity to chose my favorite metals, which style of earrings I like, bracelets, you name it. By the time I was done, I was so excited for my box because I knew I had given the stylists lots of guidance on what I liked and did not like!

And then… I waited. Just a few days, and because Milwaukee is just a few hours south of me, it got here speedy-fast. 🙂

The details:

The box: Wantable Accessories box

Cost: $36/month or $40/one time purchase

Ships to: US, Canada (additional $6), UK (additional $7) and Australia (additional $10)


So, how pretty is this? Right? Just like I said. Love the ‘packed especially for me’ label!


My list of likes/dislikes:



This was my first look at what I received – two jewelry pouches and a scarf!

First, the Harper scarf (retail $24):

teal stripes. LOVE!

teal stripes. LOVE!

This is a really beautiful infinity scarf. I don’t like scarves that are really gauzy, so the fact that this one is layered is awesome.  I see myself wearing this a lot this spring!

I got this bracelet by Donni (value $22):



It’s a really lovely dark, smokey stoned gem bracelet. I love that the fit is a bit smaller so it doesn’t slide all over my wrist! This is really very ‘me.’


And this coordinating Margot necklace (value $28):



It coordinates really well with the bracelet but sometimes I wear it on it’s own. This is so my style but not something I probably would’ve chosen myself. As a SAHM I tend to dress more casually and I love that this glam piece really dresses up a casual outfit!  It’s like instant glam!

On a side note… those jewelry pouches are brilliant AND oh-so-handy. I don’t have a jewelry roll and our family often spends a night or two away from home on the weekends. The pouches are a pretty generous 5.5″ square. I can easily take a long a couple of different pieces of jewelry for a short trip and not have to worry about losing it in my bag or snagging a sweater or scarf!

I really loved the pieces that were chosen for me and the value of the box was much higher than the cost ($74 value/$36 price). Now I just to talk my husband into a monthly subscription!  🙂  {In the interests of full disclosure, Wantable sent me this box to review at no cost. All opinions are mine.}





Beauty box review: {Beauty box 5} April 2014

I received my Beauty Box 5 tracking email just yesterday and was thrilled to see it was already in southern WI, which meant it would likely arrive today – and it did! Woot! This is only my second month with BB5, so let’s dig right in.

Beauty Box 5 ships to USA. Single boxes are $12, quarterly for $30, or a full year for $99.

The box:


April’s box is themed “Shades of Beauty… looks that call for a little leisurely layering, so enjoy your mornings and take more time for yourself.”

WELL. I”m certainly down with that, so let’s see what they sent.


The beauty card (products on the back) and a social media promotional thing-a-ma-jig.


BH Cosmetics palette – this has three colors, a purple, a brown, and a yellow/gold. I received this in an Ipsy bag last summer and wasn’t impressed, so I”ll swap this one. (sample, approx value $3.25)

Blum Naturals all purpose wipes – at 30 count this is a nice size and it’s super cute packaging. Plus they are paraben free! (full size, $2.49)

Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer – this is a three day sample. I’d totally try it but I got medium-tan and I’m rather fair, so I’ll swap this as well. (approx value $2)

Bonne Bell lip definer – I got a pretty nude-ish pink color, so while I’m not thrilled, I can definitely use it. (full size, 3.95)

Nicka K New York lipstick – I got begonia, which is the red/coral color. (full size, value $4.99).
I think I like it, though it’s a bit brighter than what I’m used to wearing. what do you think? Is it too much?

20140409_135838 (1)


So, all told, this box value is about $16.75 and I paid $6 and change per box for a full year sub.  This month has some hits and misses, but that’s the life of sub boxes. 🙂




WIWS – 2/23

hello! Time to link up for What I Wore Sunday. While I was up early with my youngest who had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:45 am, I certainly appreciate laying out my clothes the night before as I didn’t jump into the shower until 9:10 and I only had 30 minutes to get ready for Mass! Major bonus points awarded to the girls, who when I told them to get dressed and brush their hair and then play nicely while I showered, actually did all of those things and we were able to get out the door on time AND in good humor.

I think I either need to retire this sweater or not wear a fluffy scarf with it. I felt okay when I looked in the mirror but once I took pics, I look like I have HUGE shoulders. :/ Not going for the linebacker look, no, not so much!

White pants: Target, thrifted; black sweater, thrifted; blue tank, Ann Taylor, thrifted; scarf, Amazon

White pants: Target, thrifted; black sweater, thrifted; blue tank, Ann Taylor, thrifted; scarf, Amazon


Love that scarf. LOVE it.

And all that aside, the girls were so well behaved in Mass and the sun is shining so hopefully it will melt the solid inch or more of ice that remains on the ground! Spring, I’m ready for you ANY time now.

I’m going to be posting every day this week with all of the other bloggers who’ve linked up at Conversion Diary… if you don’t already, consider following me. I’d love that! 🙂





WIWS – Feb 9


Today I’m showing off my new-to-me dress from Goodwill… it’s from Target and was NWT! Woot! I wasn’t sure about the shape of it with that tie… I generally go for a more structured dress, but I was so in love with the pattern! Anyhow, tell me if it’s truly awful, k?

Merona dress, thrifted; ribbed tights, Target, boots, BOC via DSW

Merona dress, thrifted; ribbed tights, Target, boots, BOC via DSW

I had to fly solo for Mass today. The girls did pretty well…. bolstered by the knowledge that there was a baked goods fundraiser in the entrance!  And then this afternoon we decided to go bowling (family hour = cheap entertainment!) so I rocked the dress with some bowling shoes. 🙂

Linking up with the fine ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple today!


WIWS – the thrift shop version

Linking up with the fine ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple!

This weekend (well, Friday and yesterday) our local St. Vincent DePaul had a 50% off sale… pretty much everything in the store. I went twice. The first time I took the girls, with strict instructions about behavior… and after 3 minutes, we had to leave. There was a large group of Mennonite women shopping near us that looked approvingly at me, as they had heard me issue a warning before we put down our basket and left – that was kind of them, even though I was very frustrated!  Then I went back later and spent all of $20 and came out with 2 big bags full of stuff we actually did need… a few things for me, some housewares I had been looking for, and for the kids – a family game (outburst junior, a new favorite!) and extra swim goggles.

I was hoping to find a couple of new shirts or sweaters, as my closet is Lacking with that capital ‘L’… and found this:

Mossimo faux lace sweater, thrifted, white jeans, thrifted, hat, handmade by a local mom, nail polish - Julep Karmen

Mossimo faux lace sweater, thrifted; white jeans, thrifted; hat, handmade by a local mom; nail polish – Julep Karmen, bad hair day, courtesy of not setting the alarm!

It was $1.62 and MADE my day. It’s pretty much new, and though it’s from Target, it actually feels… substantial and not like it will fall apart any second. I paired it with white jeans as black seemed too dark. What color bottoms would you pick? 

The girls did really well in Mass today, AMEN, and we are planning a relaxing afternoon and no one here cares about football, as the Packers’ aren’t playing. So we’ll just hang out today. 🙂 I do have a giveaway that ends today for a handmade gratitude journal – just head over here and comment to win! I’ll pick a winner late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Oh, and if you have any tips for organizing a chest freezer, link me up please!!!! That is on my list of things to do this week.



WIWS – FLAP link up with my new favorite item!

Hello! It’s a warm (relative, people, it’s all relative) day here in Wisconsin. The sun is shining and honestly, I nearly went out without a coat because it’s about 30 degrees. It feels nearly tropical compared to the last week!

I am glad to be joining back up at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday. I apologize, I did not get a good full length shot today. Picture skinny jeans on the bottom half, ‘k? 🙂 We were up early but then lost some steam and went the jeans route for Mass. It happens. Dark denim is more formal than light!


Polka dot cardi – Target; tank – thrifted, necklace – thrifted,  not pictured: jeans – Target, boots – DSW

And coming back to add a quick question – at what ages do you let your kids sit next to each other? We’ve separated the girls for most of their young lives (4 and 8, respectively) because they were more disruptive together. They like being together and Nora enjoys ‘teaching’ Tabby what to do – really just correcting her constantly, LOL – but then I wonder how disruptive that is to everyone else, though she’s very quiet. ??

And here is my new most favorite item – Keysocks! I haven’t been able to try these babies with flats yet as it’s been either a) flippin’ freezing cold or b) snowy but I can’t wait for a warm-ish (40 degrees, maybe?) day with no snow and I’m all over it. I normally have to put away all of my flats (and I have a collection… they are my summer go-to shoe!) from October until May most years, as it’s just too cold to go sockless. I am so thrilled I found these!


I got black and nude. They have some fun striped pairs, too!


There is a little silver key embroidered on the back of the sock. Super cute!


For today I wore them with my tall boots so I pulled them right over my skinnies! It’s amazing how much warmer your legs feel when you wear knee socks. 🙂

There is a code for first-time orders – NEWKEY for 15% discount and I highly recommend liking their Facebook page as you will see other discounts pop up from time to time.

Keysocks provided me with two complimentary pairs but the opinions expressed are fully mine!