WIWS – FLAP link up with my new favorite item!

Hello! It’s a warm (relative, people, it’s all relative) day here in Wisconsin. The sun is shining and honestly, I nearly went out without a coat because it’s about 30 degrees. It feels nearly tropical compared to the last week!

I am glad to be joining back up at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday. I apologize, I did not get a good full length shot today. Picture skinny jeans on the bottom half, ‘k? 🙂 We were up early but then lost some steam and went the jeans route for Mass. It happens. Dark denim is more formal than light!


Polka dot cardi – Target; tank – thrifted, necklace – thrifted,  not pictured: jeans – Target, boots – DSW

And coming back to add a quick question – at what ages do you let your kids sit next to each other? We’ve separated the girls for most of their young lives (4 and 8, respectively) because they were more disruptive together. They like being together and Nora enjoys ‘teaching’ Tabby what to do – really just correcting her constantly, LOL – but then I wonder how disruptive that is to everyone else, though she’s very quiet. ??

And here is my new most favorite item – Keysocks! I haven’t been able to try these babies with flats yet as it’s been either a) flippin’ freezing cold or b) snowy but I can’t wait for a warm-ish (40 degrees, maybe?) day with no snow and I’m all over it. I normally have to put away all of my flats (and I have a collection… they are my summer go-to shoe!) from October until May most years, as it’s just too cold to go sockless. I am so thrilled I found these!


I got black and nude. They have some fun striped pairs, too!


There is a little silver key embroidered on the back of the sock. Super cute!


For today I wore them with my tall boots so I pulled them right over my skinnies! It’s amazing how much warmer your legs feel when you wear knee socks. 🙂

There is a code for first-time orders – NEWKEY for 15% discount and I highly recommend liking their Facebook page as you will see other discounts pop up from time to time.

Keysocks provided me with two complimentary pairs but the opinions expressed are fully mine!




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