WIWS – the thrift shop version

Linking up with the fine ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple!

This weekend (well, Friday and yesterday) our local St. Vincent DePaul had a 50% off sale… pretty much everything in the store. I went twice. The first time I took the girls, with strict instructions about behavior… and after 3 minutes, we had to leave. There was a large group of Mennonite women shopping near us that looked approvingly at me, as they had heard me issue a warning before we put down our basket and left – that was kind of them, even though I was very frustrated!  Then I went back later and spent all of $20 and came out with 2 big bags full of stuff we actually did need… a few things for me, some housewares I had been looking for, and for the kids – a family game (outburst junior, a new favorite!) and extra swim goggles.

I was hoping to find a couple of new shirts or sweaters, as my closet is Lacking with that capital ‘L’… and found this:

Mossimo faux lace sweater, thrifted, white jeans, thrifted, hat, handmade by a local mom, nail polish - Julep Karmen

Mossimo faux lace sweater, thrifted; white jeans, thrifted; hat, handmade by a local mom; nail polish – Julep Karmen, bad hair day, courtesy of not setting the alarm!

It was $1.62 and MADE my day. It’s pretty much new, and though it’s from Target, it actually feels… substantial and not like it will fall apart any second. I paired it with white jeans as black seemed too dark. What color bottoms would you pick? 

The girls did really well in Mass today, AMEN, and we are planning a relaxing afternoon and no one here cares about football, as the Packers’ aren’t playing. So we’ll just hang out today. 🙂 I do have a giveaway that ends today for a handmade gratitude journal – just head over here and comment to win! I’ll pick a winner late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Oh, and if you have any tips for organizing a chest freezer, link me up please!!!! That is on my list of things to do this week.




5 thoughts on “WIWS – the thrift shop version

  1. What a great find! I would pair it with a plum pencil skirt or skinnies – I’ve been looking for a skirt like that but haven’t found the right one yet 🙂

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