Beauty box review: {Beauty box 5} April 2014

I received my Beauty Box 5 tracking email just yesterday and was thrilled to see it was already in southern WI, which meant it would likely arrive today – and it did! Woot! This is only my second month with BB5, so let’s dig right in.

Beauty Box 5 ships to USA. Single boxes are $12, quarterly for $30, or a full year for $99.

The box:


April’s box is themed “Shades of Beauty… looks that call for a little leisurely layering, so enjoy your mornings and take more time for yourself.”

WELL. I”m certainly down with that, so let’s see what they sent.


The beauty card (products on the back) and a social media promotional thing-a-ma-jig.


BH Cosmetics palette – this has three colors, a purple, a brown, and a yellow/gold. I received this in an Ipsy bag last summer and wasn’t impressed, so I”ll swap this one. (sample, approx value $3.25)

Blum Naturals all purpose wipes – at 30 count this is a nice size and it’s super cute packaging. Plus they are paraben free! (full size, $2.49)

Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer – this is a three day sample. I’d totally try it but I got medium-tan and I’m rather fair, so I’ll swap this as well. (approx value $2)

Bonne Bell lip definer – I got a pretty nude-ish pink color, so while I’m not thrilled, I can definitely use it. (full size, 3.95)

Nicka K New York lipstick – I got begonia, which is the red/coral color. (full size, value $4.99).
I think I like it, though it’s a bit brighter than what I’m used to wearing. what do you think? Is it too much?

20140409_135838 (1)


So, all told, this box value is about $16.75 and I paid $6 and change per box for a full year sub.  This month has some hits and misses, but that’s the life of sub boxes. 🙂





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