WIWS – 2/23

hello! Time to link up for What I Wore Sunday. While I was up early with my youngest who had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:45 am, I certainly appreciate laying out my clothes the night before as I didn’t jump into the shower until 9:10 and I only had 30 minutes to get ready for Mass! Major bonus points awarded to the girls, who when I told them to get dressed and brush their hair and then play nicely while I showered, actually did all of those things and we were able to get out the door on time AND in good humor.

I think I either need to retire this sweater or not wear a fluffy scarf with it. I felt okay when I looked in the mirror but once I took pics, I look like I have HUGE shoulders. :/ Not going for the linebacker look, no, not so much!

White pants: Target, thrifted; black sweater, thrifted; blue tank, Ann Taylor, thrifted; scarf, Amazon

White pants: Target, thrifted; black sweater, thrifted; blue tank, Ann Taylor, thrifted; scarf, Amazon


Love that scarf. LOVE it.

And all that aside, the girls were so well behaved in Mass and the sun is shining so hopefully it will melt the solid inch or more of ice that remains on the ground! Spring, I’m ready for you ANY time now.

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WIWS – Feb 9


Today I’m showing off my new-to-me dress from Goodwill… it’s from Target and was NWT! Woot! I wasn’t sure about the shape of it with that tie… I generally go for a more structured dress, but I was so in love with the pattern! Anyhow, tell me if it’s truly awful, k?

Merona dress, thrifted; ribbed tights, Target, boots, BOC via DSW

Merona dress, thrifted; ribbed tights, Target, boots, BOC via DSW

I had to fly solo for Mass today. The girls did pretty well…. bolstered by the knowledge that there was a baked goods fundraiser in the entrance!  And then this afternoon we decided to go bowling (family hour = cheap entertainment!) so I rocked the dress with some bowling shoes. 🙂

Linking up with the fine ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple today!


WIWS – the thrift shop version

Linking up with the fine ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple!

This weekend (well, Friday and yesterday) our local St. Vincent DePaul had a 50% off sale… pretty much everything in the store. I went twice. The first time I took the girls, with strict instructions about behavior… and after 3 minutes, we had to leave. There was a large group of Mennonite women shopping near us that looked approvingly at me, as they had heard me issue a warning before we put down our basket and left – that was kind of them, even though I was very frustrated!  Then I went back later and spent all of $20 and came out with 2 big bags full of stuff we actually did need… a few things for me, some housewares I had been looking for, and for the kids – a family game (outburst junior, a new favorite!) and extra swim goggles.

I was hoping to find a couple of new shirts or sweaters, as my closet is Lacking with that capital ‘L’… and found this:

Mossimo faux lace sweater, thrifted, white jeans, thrifted, hat, handmade by a local mom, nail polish - Julep Karmen

Mossimo faux lace sweater, thrifted; white jeans, thrifted; hat, handmade by a local mom; nail polish – Julep Karmen, bad hair day, courtesy of not setting the alarm!

It was $1.62 and MADE my day. It’s pretty much new, and though it’s from Target, it actually feels… substantial and not like it will fall apart any second. I paired it with white jeans as black seemed too dark. What color bottoms would you pick? 

The girls did really well in Mass today, AMEN, and we are planning a relaxing afternoon and no one here cares about football, as the Packers’ aren’t playing. So we’ll just hang out today. 🙂 I do have a giveaway that ends today for a handmade gratitude journal – just head over here and comment to win! I’ll pick a winner late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Oh, and if you have any tips for organizing a chest freezer, link me up please!!!! That is on my list of things to do this week.



WIWS 1/26

Hello and happy Sunday! It is freezing here in Wisconsin and school has been cancelled for tomorrow AND Tuesday already. Guess who won’t be leaving the house until Wednesday? BRRRR. There are some advantages to being a SAHM!

Here’s what I wore to Mass today. The girls were SO GOOD in Mass today. Oh it was awesome! And then my eldest had the best swimming lesson of her little life. Swimming fins. Who knew she’d love them that much?



Please pardon the bathroom paraphernalia. Getting a full size mirror IS on my list!

Tank: unknown; white skinny jeans: Target via Goodwill (new with tags and on clearance for $3), cardi: thrifted; hat: Relativity via Younkers, boots: B.O.C. via DSW; necklace: Everyday Icing

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WIWS – FLAP link up with my new favorite item!

Hello! It’s a warm (relative, people, it’s all relative) day here in Wisconsin. The sun is shining and honestly, I nearly went out without a coat because it’s about 30 degrees. It feels nearly tropical compared to the last week!

I am glad to be joining back up at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday. I apologize, I did not get a good full length shot today. Picture skinny jeans on the bottom half, ‘k? 🙂 We were up early but then lost some steam and went the jeans route for Mass. It happens. Dark denim is more formal than light!


Polka dot cardi – Target; tank – thrifted, necklace – thrifted,  not pictured: jeans – Target, boots – DSW

And coming back to add a quick question – at what ages do you let your kids sit next to each other? We’ve separated the girls for most of their young lives (4 and 8, respectively) because they were more disruptive together. They like being together and Nora enjoys ‘teaching’ Tabby what to do – really just correcting her constantly, LOL – but then I wonder how disruptive that is to everyone else, though she’s very quiet. ??

And here is my new most favorite item – Keysocks! I haven’t been able to try these babies with flats yet as it’s been either a) flippin’ freezing cold or b) snowy but I can’t wait for a warm-ish (40 degrees, maybe?) day with no snow and I’m all over it. I normally have to put away all of my flats (and I have a collection… they are my summer go-to shoe!) from October until May most years, as it’s just too cold to go sockless. I am so thrilled I found these!


I got black and nude. They have some fun striped pairs, too!


There is a little silver key embroidered on the back of the sock. Super cute!


For today I wore them with my tall boots so I pulled them right over my skinnies! It’s amazing how much warmer your legs feel when you wear knee socks. 🙂

There is a code for first-time orders – NEWKEY for 15% discount and I highly recommend liking their Facebook page as you will see other discounts pop up from time to time.

Keysocks provided me with two complimentary pairs but the opinions expressed are fully mine!



What I Wore Sunday

It’s been quite a while since I’ve linked up the ladies at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday. Recently my husband and I decided to refresh our wardrobes with a quick shopping trip to the Mall of America, so we packed up the kids, dropped them at the grandparents’ house where they got to do all sorts of fun (play outside, use all of Grandpa’s ropes to capture bad guys, play at the local fast food play space, go to church, and eat all the donuts they could want for breakfast) and drove ourselves to Bloomington.

We were very sad to see Bloomingdale’s close last year; we don’t buy a lot of new clothes but we’ve both decided it’s worth it to invest in quality pieces. So we headed to Nordstrom.

This is now one of my all-time favorite dresses (now they put it on sale!):
Trying to get a shoe shot as well
Love the back piping!
 It’s so CUTE and so easy to wear. I love how modest it is while still being really modern. At $138, it was more than I would normally pay for a dress – but I’ll easily wear it 10+ times before winter comes (and wouldn’t it look cute with tights and boots in the fall?), so I think it was a good purchase.

I wore it several days ago with heavier jewelry and it looked blah to me, so today I tried the yellow belt and a simple pearl bracelet and I like the look much better. Those wedges are awesome AND killer. My feet hurt. LOL

Here are my pretty girlies as well:
Nora’s dress thrifted via Target, Tabby’s is handmade via my mom!
My husband didn’t make it to Mass with us this morning, but the girls get an A- for mass behavior, which is awesome. I admit to offering a “special treat” to those who did well in Mass before we entered the church… we stopped at the grocery store afterward. Nora chose a huge piece of rotisserie chicken and demolished it for lunch! Tabby of course chose a doughnut. 🙂

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WIWS – the blue dress edition

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Time to link up our lovely Mass apparel with the other fine ladies at Fine Linen and Purple!

Remember a few weeks ago I found a great dress for less than $3? I decided to wear it today. I know it will look better once I trim a couple of inches from my waist, but…. it is so pretty.  And last week’s dress was safely donated this week. May it find a home in someone else’s closet! 🙂

AND I was at Goodwill yesterday. They had brand new from Target belts – orange, purple, and yellow – for half price/color of the week. So they were $1 each. Did I mention they were NEW? And in fabulous colors? And I’m in need of appearing to have a smaller waist? Yes. I really wanted the green belt but it was some awful horse-hair looking thing. Yellow seemed perfect with the dress:

Dress, Target-thrifted; Belt – Target-thrifted
shoes – Target clearance
Bracelet, thrifted

Messy bathroom, courtesy mad dash to get ready for Mass.
This bracelet is awesome! Found it at a local kids/women’s shop for $1.99.

We are headed to Orlando in just five days. ACK! If anyone knows a good Catholic church near Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, let me know, ‘kay? We are all dressy-dressy-dressy for Mass today since I’m not sure I will pack any super dressy stuff for Disney World.

Nora wants to see dolphins. Tabby is desperate to meet Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, and mommy wants to lay in the SUN. LOL Our high is 35 today. Woo. LOL 
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WHat I wore Sunday

Time for Fine Linen & Purple’s WIWS link up – I got a hair cut so I can give the hats a rest for a bit. 🙂

I went consignment store shopping yesterday and found this shirt for 1.25. Score! I found a fabulous dress for less than $3, but I need to *ahem* lose a couple of pounds before I feel confident wearing it in public. 

Shirt, Maurices; Pants, Nine West
Shoes: Franco Sarto, Scarf: Target
I’m planning a bit of closet overhaul later today. Wish me luck! 😉 My 7 year old and I had a conversation at the dinner table yesterday about why Mommy was sacrificing cupcakes for Lent. I think I need to hang a picture of myself in the new dress on the fridge to stay motivated….


WIWS #115 – in which I showcase my new leopard scarf

What I Wore Sunday linkup

This is my second week linking up at Fine Linen & Purple for “What I Wore Sunday”. Thanks to all of you who visited me and left such sweet comments last week. 🙂

So, here’s the thing. For the longest time now I have loved scarves (this and my new propensity to wear hats makes my MIL have some hope for my fashion future*), but I have wanted a gorgeous leopard/animal print and I haven’t found a darn thing that I would buy (well, that was in my price range).  So imagine my surprise when I was on Amazon earlier in the week looking for curtains, thought to search for a leopard print scarf, and found this:

Hat: Relativity; Scarf: Amazon
Top and pants: Ann Taylor
$6.84 shipped and I had Amazon credit so it cost me about $4. I love this scarf. It’s probably my new signature piece. 🙂 Yes, the hat again. I desperately need a haircut but the husband is swamped at work and my mom had an accident, so getting in is a serious problem. :/

Oh, and here’s a closeup of the pants. The pinstripe is very subtle:

And that brings us to the preparations for Lent. What are you sacrificing or adding to your life for the 40 days? I usually try to do both; sacrificing something that’s not so good for me and adding more prayer. This year I am committed to sacrificing baked goods and adding daily prayer time – not just bedtime prayers – with our two girls. I try hard to make it happen, but we are not in a routine. Doing it daily for 40 days should establish a habit!

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*My MIL and I are polar fashion opposites. She is tall and large-framed and wears lots of big, bold patterns and enormous jewelry. I am short and small-framed and relish nice neutrals and small, classic pieces of jewelry. She just doesn’t understand why I won’t try the things she likes – she has the best of intentions, but seriously, a pin she made me covered nearly half of my chest (true story. It’s feathers; pink and blue ones and please don’t beg me to show you because then I would have to share embarrassing photos!).