Belle Peau Beauty Dark Spot Corrector {review}

Hello there and welcome!

Today I have a really good beauty item to share with you – Belle Peau’s dark spot corrector! I have a few dark spots on my face, thanks to melasma. While they’ve lightened a bit over the years, I’d like them to be less noticeable, so I was really anxious to test this new-to-me corrector lotion.


First of all, the packaging is very pretty. It looks like a luxury beauty item and something you’d not mind being out on your vanity table. Inside is even better… because this stuff WORKS! In just a few days I can tell some of my spots have lightened, and I’m hopeful that as I continue to use the lotion that they will lighten even more.

The formula is hydroquinone and paraben free, 98% natural and 72% organic and effectively lightens dark spots using plant based glycolic and kojic acids. It’s supercharged with hyaluronic acid, nature’s most effective weapon against skin dehydration, which can cause wrinkles, dryness and loss of skin’s elasticity.

I’m impressed! Best of all, Belle Peau offers a money back guarantee, so if you don’t find it works for you, there’s no risk in trying it.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.



The Midwife’s Tale by Delia Parr {review}

Hello! Here is a new book I recently read and enjoyed:


Parr’s writing was enjoyable to read, and I loved the plot. Midwife Martha Cade struggles with the challenges to her midwifery practice upon the arrival of a new medical doctor to her small town, while at the same time struggling with the worry of her daughter running off and not being able to locate her. On top of that, she befriends a young boy living in a sort of small orphanage where everything doesn’t exactly appear as it seems. Martha is clearly beloved by her friends and community, but still she struggles with doubts and insecurities – rather true to life, as though times have changed considerably, our fears and worries of reputation and skills are the same as ever.

Martha’s character was really well developed, and her struggles were real and honest. She was very relatable and made realistic decisions. I really enjoyed reading about the relationship between her and Boy; it was sensitive and touching.

Thank you to Bethany House Publishers, who provided me with a free copy in exchange for a review.


The Soap.Club Natural Handmade Artisan soaps {review}

Hello, here’s cool soap from the Soap.Club! I tried the lemon coconut, which is a medium scent. It came packaged in this pretty box and the soap is engraved slightly:


The Soap.Club offers customers the ability to purchase these natural, handmade artisan soaps online or join our monthly membership service.

“Soap is our passion. In fact, it’s our only product. We focus on premium quality soap aged up to 6 weeks and made fresh with pure ingredients that will stimulate your senses. The secret is our old-fashioned cold process soap making. Every product is made by hand, starting from stirring the recipe, cutting the bars and even packaging each individual item. Right away, you will notice the soft gentle lather that feels like lotion instead of rough sharp edges that feel scratchy or rough on your skin.

The cold process method of making soap helps enhance the fragrance. Many of the essential oils and fragrances provide the same properties used in aromatherapy and wellness programs. Feel the guilt free, sensual indulgence of our soap.”

This is a really nice, mild soap. It moisturizes well, leaving a light scent and no greasy or irritating residue on your skin. I’ve been a handmade soap buyer for the past several years, and this is one of the better soaps I have tried. I purchased mine on Amazon, but if you like handmade soaps, the monthly subscription service would be well worth it!

I was provided with a deeply discounted product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



Greenwald’s Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner Refills {review}

Hello there and welcome!

As a busy mom, I’m always on the lookout for great products that will save me time, energy, and if they can even take up less space in my home… yes, please!  That is why I was intrigued by the Greenwald’s glass and surface cleaner available on Amazon. I always look for cleaning products that will save me time and money, and this one delivers! Bonus: it’s so compact, you’ll be amazed!

There are just a few easy steps to prepare your cleaner: take a 32 oz spray bottle. Fill with water, add packet, let sit for a minute. Then shake well for a minute to fully dissolve the packet! Super simple and it’s ready for use.
20150609_214508 (1)
The 4 main advantages to this product are:
1. It’s more powerful than the average cleaner (and it has a nice light citrus scent)
2. It’s less expensive than other store brand products (typically 30-70% less).
3. It’s easier to store because they are pre-measured refill packets – and they are so small! They take up a minuscule amount of space.
4. It’s environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you’re not buying a new spray bottle every time you need new cleaner and sending old ones to landfills or your local recycling center.

This cleaner met all of my expectations! It worked really well without streaking or leaving a filmy residue, even when I was cleaning tough items off windows and doors. It has a light scent, rather than an overpowering or chemical scent.

I was provided with a free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


National sun safety week

Hello and good morning! The sun is shining, quite apropos for a bit about sun safety given that it’s National Sun Safety Week this week!

Sunshine – I love it.  Living in the north,  it’s a running joke that we will reference extremely cold temps with sunlight exposure. “Sure,  it’s -40 but the sun is shining!”  We get such a quick summer some years that I try to maximize our sun enjoyment – because it is a JOY – as much as I can.

For the kids, that means lots of outside time. Outside time = sunscreen (sprays make it easy), hats, and swim rash guards when in the water.  Plus, we take our rest time and reading/school breaks after lunch,  when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

On the other hand, adults don’t always do what we are supposed to do… you know, sunscreen, hats, cover up, etc.  Two of my go-to products year-round (I’m learning, I really am!) are Supergoop!’s everyday SPF 50 sunscreen and my Cotz SPF 40 tinted sunscreen. These two products are both reasonably priced, have a great level of SPF protection, and help me minimize my makeup routine to get me out the door on time but still able to protect my skin.

There are other things I’ve learned to do that also help minimize the risks of skin cancer. First, after I spray sunscreen on the kids, I spray myself as well.  I take my mid-day breaks inside as much as I can along with the kids, or at least try to find a little shade. I don’t tan, and don’t intentionally “lay out” to get tan. I cover up… hats, a swim cover up, even sunglasses help protect your skin. Plus, I’ve found that taking a daily vitamin D supplement and boosting my intake of natural sources of Vitamin D really help as well, the whole year round. I’m partial to salmon, eggs, nuts, and cheese… not all together, of course. 😉

When I was much younger, I had a couple of moles removed from my face because of the risk of skin cancer. If you have moles or freckles, and even if you do not, be sure to watch for those ABCDE’s:

Asymmetry (one side different than the other)
Borders (border irregularity)
Color (darker than normal)
Diameter (larger than a pencil eraser, or approx 6mm)
Evolution (changes over time, often growing)

This post was encouraged by Hi Oscar, a New York based insurance company that uses technology to help members stay informed. If you’re in the area and in search for a new type of NY health insurance provider by check them out. They have a team of health professionals on call for any and all health questions their members may have, even something as simple as what SPF they should be using to protect themselves safely.“We think health insurance should be simple, human, and smart. Aside from the  health professional on call team, Ii’s even free to talk with a doctor over the phone anytime. We care about all aspects of our members health.”

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed. With all that we can do to protect our largest organ… shouldn’t we make the time to do so?


Regenepure Biotin Conditioner {review}

Good morning! Today I have a fantastic, new to me conditioner to share with you. Both of my daughters have very fine hair, and so I’ve been looking recently to find them hair strengthening products that might also boost hair production or fullness. The nice people at Regenepure let me test this conditioner, so I’ve been very happy to use it on my girls!

The Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner “unclogs the hair follicles while replenishing them with useful nutrients that are vital for hair growth. Similarly to our other Regenepure hair care products, our Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner is free of parabens, sulfates and fragrances, making it perfect for everyday use, especially for those with color treated and Keratin treated hair.”

It has a balanced infusion of vitamins and beneficial ingredients, including:
Biotin – Tea Tree Oil – Jojoba Oil – Keratin – Silk protein – Copper Peptides – Saw Palmetto


My oldest has already seen improved hair growth in the past couple of weeks! I’m impressed, and we’ll definitely keep using this.

I received this conditioner for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Vitamin C Serum 20% {Review}

Good morning! The sun is shining and it’s a lovely day.

Today I have a new product to share – Vitamin C Serum by La Beatue Pure. It’s this one:


Proudly made in the USA at an FDA compliant facility, this small company ppromises their serum is organic, natural, and alcohol and fragrance free. That means you can rest assured knowing you are putting good stuff on your skin, and for me, the fact that its alcohol and fragrance free means it likely won’t irriate my sensitive skin.

Vitamin C is good for the reduction in appearance of scars and dark spots. This is one of those products that takes time to work, but I am hopeful that it will work to reduce a few darker spots that I have!

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Lint Remover By Furzie {review}

Hello. Please meet the reason for this review, our cat, Jensen:


Yes, that’s our crazy ginger cat! (He was safe from predator pumpkins, promise. He just eats everything that’s not nailed down.) Our previous cat was most unusual and barely shed any fur. When we adopted Jensen last year after Jack’s death, we realized just how unusual Jack had been, because Jensen sheds… not a lot, but enough to make me slightly crazy.

Enter the Furzie.


This brush – as seen on TV! – works by removing unwanted hair or lint from your clothing, furniture and upholstery. The Furzie is truly a one of a kind because it is specially designed for a lifetime of use. The ergonomical and light weight design makes the Furziea good choice for lint and pet hair removal.

The benefit of the Furzie is that you don’t need to purchase refills or tape rollers. It won’t stick to stuff that it’s not supposed to (like your children). You simply wash and rinse and its ready to use again.

However, it doesn’t work as quickly as the tape rollers. I found that I had to brush the same area several times to pick up the pet hair, which might save me money but not when you consider that my time IS money. It does pick up lint and pet hair, just not as quickly as the tape rollers that I am used to using. This is a good tool in the arsenal for my home, but I’m not giving my tape rollers away. I will use both, because mornings I simply don’t have enough time to spend brushing hair off my clothes before I leave for work. I need to be able to just zip the tape roller around a few times and be done.

I was provided with a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Danish Dough Whisk {review}

Good morning! It’s overcast and damp this morning… a good morning for a little breakfast treat, right? We decided on waffles, because I wanted to use my new danish whisk! Check this out:


I was really excited when the nice people at Fun Squared let me try this larger sized danish whisk! Smaller traditional whisks aren’t great for doughs, and we make crepes a lot (several times each week) plus the occassional breads or pizza doughs, and I have to use a mixer stand for those usually. However, the Danish Dough Whisk is exactly what you need for PERFECT pizza, pastry, bread, and pasta dough.

It’s super easy to clean with just a sponge, soap and water – and the style and sizing makes it far easier to clean then a traditional wire dough whisk! Sometimes my dishwasher doesn’t even remove all of the gunk on a regular whisk.

I love it! I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Chiefs Energizing Face Wash {review}

Good morning! It’s a beautiful, sunny morning here in Wisconsin. Nothing like a bit of sunshine some warm air to jump start a great day, right?!

Another way to jumpstart a great day is to use great, energizing products as I get ready for my day. One of these is new to me, but the combination of invigorating natural peppermint, menthol, rosemary, and eucalyptus in Chiefs Energizing Face Wash is a facial cleanser that has a strong but not overbearing smell that is perfectly designed to help wake me up.


Also packed into Chiefs Energizing Wash is natural aloe vera, which has long been used as an anti-irritant solution to help soothe and moisturize. I was a little worried with the menthol and peppermint ingredients, that it might be too much/too irritating for sensitive skin, but I’ve had no problems at all! This is a very nice, fresh facial wash and I think it’s appropriate for either gender as it doesn’t smell too masculine.

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.