Lint Remover By Furzie {review}

Hello. Please meet the reason for this review, our cat, Jensen:


Yes, that’s our crazy ginger cat! (He was safe from predator pumpkins, promise. He just eats everything that’s not nailed down.) Our previous cat was most unusual and barely shed any fur. When we adopted Jensen last year after Jack’s death, we realized just how unusual Jack had been, because Jensen sheds… not a lot, but enough to make me slightly crazy.

Enter the Furzie.


This brush – as seen on TV! – works by removing unwanted hair or lint from your clothing, furniture and upholstery. The Furzie is truly a one of a kind because it is specially designed for a lifetime of use. The ergonomical and light weight design makes the Furziea good choice for lint and pet hair removal.

The benefit of the Furzie is that you don’t need to purchase refills or tape rollers. It won’t stick to stuff that it’s not supposed to (like your children). You simply wash and rinse and its ready to use again.

However, it doesn’t work as quickly as the tape rollers. I found that I had to brush the same area several times to pick up the pet hair, which might save me money but not when you consider that my time IS money. It does pick up lint and pet hair, just not as quickly as the tape rollers that I am used to using. This is a good tool in the arsenal for my home, but I’m not giving my tape rollers away. I will use both, because mornings I simply don’t have enough time to spend brushing hair off my clothes before I leave for work. I need to be able to just zip the tape roller around a few times and be done.

I was provided with a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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