#Cube {Product Review}

So I am not very techie, right? My husband, on the other hand IS. He knows all about all the latest and greatest in the tech world and I only know cool stuff because he tells me about it, until THIS. I finally had the heads up on a cool techie thing he didn’t know anything about! (FYI, he thought it was pretty awesome.)

For that reason, I declined his help to set up my new #Cube – I wanted to make sure that a non-techie person could do it easily enough. Guess what? It was SUPER easy.

Here’s how it came:

20150123_181845 20150123_181921

The instructions were really simple and easy to follow. I love products that only come with a couple of parts and nothing I need to assemble. Here I have the Cube, the power cord, instructions (not pictured) and my trusty Kleenex (because, hello – cold and flu season).  🙂


I am using my #Cube at home now to stream my feed, but I’d actually love to take it to the office and stream it there by customizing a stream of inspirational and arts-y type followings for our staff. That’s on my to-do list. 🙂

Thanks to the people at Konnect Labs for allowing me to try a Cube! I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.




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