Syono gel insoles {Review}

Hey, hey, hey. Healthier stuff, right? That’s what the new year is usually about… for me, anyhow. Maybe for you, too.

Last summer I started running more and really enjoyed it. Then cold set in a lot earlier than I expected, and I have a very hard time running outside when it’s so cold (plus it’s not so safe… I run in the mornings when it’s dark, and unshoveled or icy sidewalks are impossible to see). The gym is the answer, but I confess it is hard to get myself there at 5 am when it’s dark dark dark and temps are often in the negative digits. Yes, I am a wimp. Yes, I am trying to overcome wimpiness.

So, I am resolving to up my ante again and keep onward with the trend of more steps, more miles logged. I feel so much better when I do it, even when it’s hard.

Enter these Syono insoles. The good people at Syono let me have a test pair to try out, so I immediately put them into my running shoes. Anything that makes it more comfortable for me to run or walk more gets 5 stars in my book!

These are really nice insoles. When I got them, they were too big. The instructions are clear and they were really easy to cut to size. I just traced the top toe line with a Sharpie and cut them. Notice how on the back they give you cut marks for different shoe sizes? Easy peasy.

20141229_211119 (1) 20141229_211216 (1) 20141229_211328 (1)

I don’t normally have foot or joint pain, but I think anyone can benefit from a cushy insole just in terms of comfort. These deliver!! I will keep on running. Thanks, Syono!




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