UNi 100% Organic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil {review}

It’s so cold my hands hurt. Do you know that feeling? I am terrible about wearing my gloves, though I admit that I am doing much better this year than last year. My hands are constantly dry, and even though I keep lotion everywhere it doesn’t seem to help all the time.

Enter UNi pure argan oil. I had tried some hair products with argan oil recently, so I was excited to try this, especially when I saw all of the uses for it!


The oil is 100% pure organic made from Moroccan argan trees. This naturally light scented oil helps protect, hydrate, and restore elasticity to all hair types. A large concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants help restore the appearance of dull skin, hair, body, scalp, and hands. It reduces and removes frizzy and damaged hair. Excellent for cuticles – helps prevent cracking and peeling of nails. Can treat all skin types as well.

WELL, um, sign me up, ‘k? So, first I tried it on the cuticles, because these hands – they hurt. And you know what? This stuff is GOOD. I like it a lot. A few times I even put a larger portion on my hands, rubbed it in well, and let it soak for a while while I was in the bath.

My daughter had some really dry skin on her legs, so I rubbed a little in after bathtime. Then she had super soft skin! On my own skin, it really helped with dry patches and kept my skin soft and supple.

I was a little skeptical of the claim that “the fast absorbing light weight oil is smooth, and NON greasy compared to other brands” but it is not very greasy at all. It’s a very nice formula.



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