Winterizing your nails… so early this year.

Good morning! Well, ladies, it is time to face facts – winter is here. We got about 6″ of snow last Monday and I told my children it would melt in a day or two. This is the scene this morning:

You're jealous. I know it.

You’re jealous. I know it.

It’s been snowing off and on all week and while I know snow is expected in the freezing tundra I mean Wisconsin, this much and this consistently cold temperatures this early in the autumn do NOT bode well for a milder winter, and last winter was b.r.u.t.a.l.

So. My friends at Julep recently shared with me their winterizing your nails tips, and I was alllllll over it. I really like Julep polishes, in fact, their cuticle oil is one of my very favorites. I ran out of it just last week so you won’t see it in this post… should you not have any, a good coconut or olive oil also works wonders. 🙂


So, first, my hands. Yes, I will insert the embarrassing before pictures here. My hands are getting dry and cracked already from these cold temps, but I am determined to take better care of my nails and hands this winter, because last year could be summed up with one word – ouch.

20141116_095727 20141116_095658

The bare, naked details – rough cuticles, rough nails. Here was my arsenal:


OPI nail envy, butter london cuticle oil, Julep in Margot, nail clippers, Tweezerman cuticle pusher, 31 nail file

First I started with a hefty dose of cuticle oil on all digits – it makes pushing them back and trimming them so much easier! Then while I was waiting for it all to soak in, I trimmed my nails and filed them evenly. I keep my nails pretty short in the winter… it just makes sense. You can still have lovely nails even if they are short – no matter what your mother (*cough or mine cough* says).


After I pushed back my cuticles and trimmed them, I put on a couple of coats of OPI’s nail envy for strength. Then I polished with Julep’s Margo for fun (see the Julep polishes here).


Here are the trending shades for winter from Julep, and right now there is a 40% off friends and family sale with code “SHOPEARLY.” Just an FYI. 🙂


Oh Joanne… I love thee.


Now, notes to self. Actually taking care of my nails this winter is going to require daily maintenance with temperatures already in the teens, so here are my big reminders to my self:

  • DAILY cuticle oil
  • Actually wear those pretty gloves outside… they keep my hands from getting chapped and rough
  • Keep ’em short and focus on pretty colors
  • Use hand sanitizer less, hand soap more (I find hand sanitizers to be very drying because of the alcohol)
  • Keep hand lotion at my desk/in my purse/by the sink, apply often

I’m just going to consider this post a great, big virtual post-it note to myself. I hope it helped you – now to stick to it! Any other great tips? Do share!






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