Five Favorites: get fit edition

So part of ‘making my life over for peace and joy in 2014’ has been coming face to face with my need to get healthier. About 4 years ago, when my youngest was a baby, I lost the baby weight… and then another 20 lbs or so. I was thin and FIT. I had some serious muscle definition!

And you know what? At that point I was so focused on ‘losing’ that once I got to my goal weight I had no idea how to maintain – and I didn’t really figure it out. So, over 4 years I have put that weight back on, pound by pound. I’m not proud of that. I know now that losing it is only half the battle, but I’m ready to figure out how to maintain once I get there again! So, five favorites today are things that are helping me get healthy once again.

1. Calorie trackers – free ones include Sparkpeople and MyFitnessPal, and I’m sure there are others, plus the ones you pay for (like Weight Watchers). Tracking my calories is HUGE for me. I tend to graze a lot otherwise which really adds up!

2. Fun exercise. I don’t know about you, but I can’t go run every day… or for that matter, even walk. BORING. I tried Zumba recently and I LOVE it! I could totally do that 2-3x a week and not be bored. So, find what works for you that feels more like “fun” than “exercise.”

3. Cute athletic wear. I don’t have a model body (faaaaaaar from it, let’s be real here), but I signed up for the Fabletics box. I think I’ll *motivate myself* with 2-3 outfits as my shape changes… they have super cute styles and colors – and you can get anything from pants to capris to shorts and a ton of different shirts, and your first outfit is only $25 (order within 24 hours of signing up or it invalidates, FYI!!). You can skip a month at any time and I’m sure I’ll cancel in a few months after I find what I like. This is my first outfit, though in different colors, and I’ll not be wearing it with the shirt off as my abs don’t look like that!:outfit, though in different colors, and I’ll not be wearing it with the shirt off as my abs don’t look like that!  

4. Techie gear. I love my Fitbit One!  (I did have the Zip and while I cannot say enough good things about Fitbit’s customer service, I did not like the Zip. A rechargeable battery is awesome and the One also tracks stairs and sleep.) I set a reminder on my Google calendar and I recharge my One every Wednesday night.


Left: One, Right: Zip

5. Motivational blogs.  There are SO many weight loss and exercise blogs to read… find one that speaks to you – about how much you need to lose, what you struggle with, what kind of exercise you like, etc.  It’s so inspiring to me to read about women who have lost the weight and maintained for years! Note to self: they didn’t get lazy…

Linking up with Heather for Five Favorites today, who is totally inspiring herself with her recent weight loss! She looks awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Five Favorites: get fit edition

  1. Thanks for all these great resources!! I am about to have back surgery in a week and a half and Intend to dive into fitness as soon as I am well enough after the surgery. All of these resources will be very helpful in my quest! – Kristal

  2. I second the cute workout wear! It’s so much more motivating and encouraging when you feel good in what you are wearing! I love my yoga capris that I walk in cause I feel skinny in them, and it’s great motivation to keep it up!
    And I want a Fitbit… so on the Christmas list1

  3. Just popping up to check in on you, as I haven’t seen you entering card challenges in a while! Missing you over at OWH and Unity 😉 I hope all is well with you and your family! Have a fabulous weekend! (hugs), Carol

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