Beauty box review: {emily’s homestead} April 2014

So may I just point something out here – I’m reviewing the April box from Emily’s Homestead, and it’s not April yet. 😮  My box arrived yesterday! I have to say that I really, really love getting a box right at the beginning of the month. Waiting until the 15th most times for Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 is okay {is there another option? sadly, no.}, but hello – I adore promptness. 🙂

The deets:

Emily’s Homestead offers soaps, shampoo bars, deodorant, and lotion.  There are soap and box subscriptions as well!

Cost: $42/3 months, $78/6 months, $150/year (soap of the year subscription: $75/one bar each month)

Ships to: USA

What you get: small flat rate box with an assortment of soaps, lotion bars, shampoo bars, deodorant, lip balms, etc. You may get all soaps or a medley of products.

Again, packaged so prettily!


All wrapped up. LOVE the soap pic on the business card!

Here’s what I got:


I got 4 items this month.


Shaving soap (guessing at a value of $6); full size Piece of cake soap, full size, value $6


another shampoo soap sample! half size, value $3.75 (I still LOVE the shampoo soap I got last month and it’s lasting a LONG time!)


orange dream lip balm, value $2 This isn’t my first choice of scents, but I like it a lot! It feels moisturizing on my lips, which are still chapped since it’s still WINTER out there. Come on, spring!

Overall my box value is approximately $15.75 – I paid $14/month. I”m very pleased! I’m excited to use the lip balm and the shave soap. Hey, if it works for your face it’ll work on legs, right? 🙂 I’m really excited to see what comes in my next box!





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