Five favorites: new & exciting {to me} edition

So this might be random, but hey. I’m here. Linking up with Hallie and the girls.

1. My new Project Life organizer. I scoured Target this weekend and came home with nothing; went to St. Vinnie’s yesterday [with kids in tow *just before supper*, I should get a medal or something] and picked up this beauty for $4. Tons of space to store kits! Now I just need to make some divider tabs.



2. Speaking of – Project Life. I am so far behind in scrap booking (3 years!). I tried moving from paper to digital scrap booking and I found it… NOT easier AND not faster. So I’m jumping on the PL bandwagon. I think it’s going to be good. And, FYI, March is craft month so most crafting things are 40-50% and has a very good selection. I’ve been waiting on this box all week:

20140326_150939 20140326_151024 20140326_153857

Top-bottom: the UPS man was surprised to find me waiting on the porch waiting for that box!; 222 photos and not even all the ones I need to print; my new organizer starting to get filled up with cards but not even close to ‘organized’ yet

3. My new earrings. My birthday was on Sunday and you know what, if you don’t ask for what you want there is little hope you will get it. So as the kids and my husband were on the way out the door to shop for me, I whispered “pearl earrings” to my youngest. Daddy delivered:


4.  This moisturizer. Smells so pretty and makes my skin so soft. I wish it was cheaper. :/

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet


5.   Baublebar – right now you can ‘spin the wheel’ for a discount. I got $10 off with no minimum purchase. They have some super sweet ring holders. I got this pretty one:

Swan Ring Tree


They have a rabbit and an elephant too!




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