5 Favorites: Mom time

Okay, so I know not all of you reading this are moms with small children. However, I think some of these things apply to any woman, so don’t click away just yet.

It’s Spring Break week here in central Wisconsin. My husband signed up for an annual conference a few weeks back, not realizing it fell right during the break… so he flew to Texas just as the break began while the girls clamored for some time with my parents, who like to host them for a night or two a few times a year (and treat them to all sorts of fun stuff that I wouldn’t, so it stands to reason that they pretty much rushed out the door without looking back). Though they see my parents frequently, they get sleepover time in on breaks and summers.

… All of a sudden it’s just me and the {sneezy, apparently allergic to something} cat. So what’s a lady to do?

1. Spend time on a hobby {bonus points if it’s something you have a hard time getting to do otherwise}. I crafted for several hours on Monday and Tuesday. I can and will make cards or other paper crafts when my girls are around, often on weekends; but it’s hard with frequent interruptions. My girls often want to create with me, which I love, but then I become supervisor and don’t get to finish my own projects. It was nice to be able to craft for as long as I wanted… and I donate a lot of my efforts to Operation Write Home (anyone can write notes of encouragement, and there’s coloring pages for kids to do. check it out!)

2. Grooming. I always apologize to my stylist for calling and saying, “so, I need an appointment tomorrow because I have a sitter then…”. Luckily, she’s pretty flexible and can almost always squeeze me in. I have longer hair so I tend to space out appointments to every 8-10 weeks and then I feel better about paying more for a haircut – I’ve had one too many $10 places give me a bad cut.  Bonus – I decided to splurge and get a brow wax. Hey, my birthday’s in a few days. I’m now going to be staring down FORTY. How did THAT happen??

3. Bonus grooming – something you don’t normally do for yourself. I went for my first ever manicure. I wanted something spring-y and close to the Pantone color of the year. I wouldn’t go to the same nail girl (what DO you call her?) again, because she didn’t get great coverage on a handful of nails, I love the end result and hope it lasts a full two weeks. Consider a facial, waxing, heck even a free makeup consult. There’s a local boutique here that gives you a free facial mask with a consult, so you get to try their skincare as well as the makeup. There are lots of inexpensive options, too – consider a new lipstick or nail polish. Rimmel has a 60-second polish that’s only $1.50 and comes in lots of pretty shades!


4. find a pretty version of something you have just for you. I don’t drink often, but on New Year’s we went to dinner with friends and family and the restaurant offered a complimentary glass of champagne. This stuff tastes like cream soda and it’s yours for the low, low price of $5.99 at your grocer. I went on a scavenger hunt and found myself a pretty champagne flute for $1.49 at Goodwill. It’s the little things.


bonus clearance flowers from the grocery store!


so good. so cheap.

5. Tackle that thing that you always put off for later. Whether it’s deep cleaning the fridge or organizing the linen closet or finally tackling that dreaded paper clutter pile (<– that’s me, right there), finishing that dreaded task will make you feel all kinds of invincible, if the hair or nails didn’t already do it. 🙂

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