Five Favorites: soap edition

It seems odd to type a post about soap, but I’m going with it in case you too hate itchy skin. Most body washes really dry out my skin, so a few years back, I tried some handmade soap and found them much better for my skin. I’ve accumulated some favorites, sooo… here you go.

1. This bar shampoo soap: seems weird to me to wash my hair with a bar but I got a bar in my box from Emily’s Homestead on Etsy and thought I’d give it a whirl. WELL. I used my regular shampoo yesterday and let me tell you, all day long I was like, “my hair isn’t that soft. My hair was so.much.softer with the bar shampoo.” I got the eucalyptus spearmint, which is not on the site right now – and you better believe I will use it up but I have my eye on this cool coffee shampoo bar:

Spiced Coffee Shampoo Bar. Cold Process. All Natural.  Vegan.


2. This subscription box{Emily’s Homestead}. I treated myself to a 3 month sub with money from some things I sold and it was money WELL spent. Seriously nice soaps (the peppermint oatmeal soap is AWESOME , shampoo bars, and lotions with great scents. I hope I get to try the lip balm soon!

3. This soap shop on Etsy – Cedar Tree Farm Soap. Their Salty Bay soap is awesome, and yes it sounds super masculine, but it’s not. It’s very exfoliating! I purchased a pound of the “oops” soaps – great value, but you can’t chose your scents – and I liked all of the bars I received. If you’re not choosy on scents, it’s a great way to get nice soap at a good price.

4. This is one of my old favorites: Daisycakes Soap.  This soap is one of my favorites (natural spearmint poppy seed):

Natural Spearmint Poppy Seed Olive Oil Soap


5. Last one – Anderson Soap Company. Pretty, no?

Lavender Fields Olive oil Soap Bar (Vegan) (Palm Free)


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