The big purse dump

Kendra over at Catholic All Year came up with this idea to dump & show our purses for today.  As I grabbed my purse to head out the door this morning, it was so full I didn’t even attempt to zip the top. And so I knew I’d be linking up…

Here is my purse, found at a nearby Coach outlet store:


And what’s inside:


dumped out


Vera Bradley wallet (perfect ‘mom’ wallet – TONS of slots!); Petunia Pickle Bottom personal effects case, coupon file, keys, tissues, shades


Receipts, coupons, a random gift certificate for Chinese food, expired coupons, an old list, a yellow Sharpie, loose change, trash, and a zillion crumbs


Coloring pages that should’ve stayed in the car console, a book to read during Nora’s (now cancelled) doctor appointment today, coupons and receipts from my Target trip today


A picture Tabby colored, a Care Bear toy, extra Wet Ones


My favorite thing in here: the Petunia Pickle bottom case. It was a birthday gift from a dear friend last year and contains tissues, wipes, a lipstick and a gloss, glasses cleaner, and some personal products.
Wow, I really have a lot of these: coupons! I hit the jackpot at Target this morning and the Catalina printer gave me 6 or 7 coupons.
THAT shouldn’t be in there: a yellow Sharpie? I didn’t even know we had one.

Sound fun? Go dump out your purse! 🙂



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