Beauty review: Birchbox – February 2014

Hey there,

It’s Saturday and time for another beauty review! I signed up for Birchbox last October and I love receiving this subscription box. While I do get things I cannot or will not be able to use on occasion, I love that I get several small samples of different products – most are things I would never find in my small, rural area. I am not someone who will order full sizes of things I have not tried personally, so while I read a lot of beauty reviews and blogs I rarely purchase things unless I have tried and loved them!

What you get: 4-5 samples of beauty, health, and wellness items, which can include anything from sweet treats to tea, tech accessories, hair accessories, skincare, nail care, and makeup. 

What you pay: $10/month for the women’s subscription (the men’s box is $20/month), shipping included

The perks: You earn 10 points for each dollar you spend in the Birchbox store, and 100=$10 to spend. If you review the items in your box each month, you earn points as well! There’s free shipping on all box items each month, so you can buy inexpensive items and not pay additional shipping charges. 

Here is my February box:

DSCF3672 DSCF3673


Benefit It’s Potent eye cream
W3LL PEOPLE Universalist multi-use color stick, dusty rose

I have been using the eye cream for a few days now – yes, it’s a SMALL sample! – but a little goes a very long way. Miracle of all miracles, it does seem to lighten my dark circles a bit. 🙂 And regardless, I find it VERY moisturizing. I think I will purchase this with my points that I have been saving.

The universalist sample is also VERY small. I was thinking this would be the perfect size for my gym bag, but the color is just not good on me. I didn’t find I liked it at all as a lip balm – WAY too dry – and it’s not a good color for my cheeks or eyes. Bummer, but it’s tiny, so I can let my daughters use it for play or toss it.


Serge Normant dry conditioner
Juicy Couture, Couture La La Malibu perfume sample

The dry conditioner gets mixed reviews from our household. My daughters both have very fine hair and we routinely try out new detanglers and conditioners as my eldest, whose hair is thick and fine, always wakes up with awful tangles. It does soften the hair, but it doesn’t detangle very well at all. I will continue to use this on my youngest, whose hair is fine and thin. It’s not something I would purchase, as none of us use dry shampoos routinely.

The Juicy sample is very pretty, but not a scent that works well on me. I swapped this one.


Beauty extra: Benefit Big Easy

I heard a lot of complaints from others about this card sample before my box arrived. It was listed as an ‘extra’, so I’m not going to complain, but to do my whole face I had to really scrape all of the product off the card and foil. The shade I received, light-medium, was a good match for me and I did like the coverage. However, at $38 for full size I would not likely purchase it.  I wasn’t ‘wowed’ – my Ponds BB cream worked just as well, I think, and that’s rather expensive (for me!) without being sure that I truly love the product. I don’t mind spending money for better brands, but I want to know I love it first. This is one of the reasons I love Birchbox so much! I hate wasting full size products that don’t work for me; sample sizes are perfect so I can buy the stuff I love and not fret about tossing tons of product if I hate it.

The USWEEKLY100 code (on a new subscription) is good until 2/25/14, so if you were thinking about signing up for Birchbox (or getting a second sub for a month or two!), it’s a good time to do so. If you use the link, you’ll bypass the wait list (which is 2-3 weeks) and your box will ship in just a few days. (You can cancel at any time, if you chose a monthly subscription.) That’s essentially getting a ‘free box’ with $10 in rewards points. I did sign up for a second subscription to use the code, and that box should be here in a couple of days – I’m more excited for that one than this one! 🙂

More beauty up next Saturday… Julep and/or Birchbox #2! 🙂




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