Five Favorites – sick and tired edition

As I type this I am listening to the ‘winter weather advisory’ on the radio. The latest report is that after midnight, we will have freezing rain and sleet turning to snow by morning, with expected snowfall of 6-12″. <big sigh> You know, I do prefer snowy to frigid-freeze-your-face weather, but still. This winter is HARD.

So. This is the “I’m sick and tired” 5 Favorites edition.

1. A couple of weeks ago a blogger (sorry, I have forgotten who!) mentioned buying fresh flowers to cheer yourself up. Target clearance for the win:


2. This stuff from my February Birchbox, Benefit “it’s potent” eye cream. It actually does seem to help fade dark circles:


3. I found a great deal on Living Social today (also, 6% cash back through Ebates!) for a large photo canvas. We got a great shot of us after a sledding session using my husband’s phone propped in the car door and a timer. I can’t wait to see it on our wall! Snow can be fun. Really.

1491253_10202670006412805_2134736637_o (1)

4. Every time I’ve wanted to bathe lately I first have to move 8 Barbies, 3 dolls, purse soap, some jewelry and random stuff that the girls think they need to bathe. Sorry, kids, the fun has ended. Mommy is reclaiming the bathtub with some clearance things from Target. Your toys can get a bin and you’ll be required to pick everything up and MOVE it or lose it. (Long, long overdue, I know.)

Current bath shot: DSCF3679

Stay tuned for the new look!

5. We have been finding ways to encourage our girls lately to be courageous; this is particularly difficult for one of our children. We’ve adopted this song as our family song. 🙂 I know it has to be stuck in their heads by now – it’s certainly on repeat in mine!

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6 thoughts on “Five Favorites – sick and tired edition

  1. Ah! I bought $5 leftover roses yesterday too. And they’re great.

    I have loved every Benefit product I’ve ever used so that eye cream looks great. If there’s one thing I need help with it’s the dark eyes from never sleeping!

  2. That is definitely going to be a gorgeous photo canvas. We’ve done two so far, one of our favorite wedding pictures, and one bump picture from when we were expecting baby #1. I love the look of them. And that is really a lovely family photo!

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