5 Favorites – the things Flylady taught me

I started using the Flylady approach back in the day, when I was working, before we were expecting our first child. I had relaxed my housekeeping standards and let the clutter build and Flylady really helped me get on track. In fact, in the past year or so, my husband suggested I go back to Flylady….

FlyLady cartoon

I no longer subscribe to the Flylady emails and I’ve found I work best with a mix of cleaning/organizational methods, but here are my top five tricks, all of which came from Flylady:

1. Get dressed to shoes in the morning. Now, I don’t wear shoes in my house so I cheat at this a bit, but the rest sets the foundation. I get dressed. I put on makeup. I fix my hair (or wear a hat. let’s be real here). I put on jewelry, most days. I honestly shudder a little (a little, and only because it so doesn’t work for me) when I see friends proclaiming on Facebook that they haven’t gotten out of pj’s all day. Now, if I’m sick, that is one thing. And days when my kids are sick I will often wear yoga pants or similar because hello, kids and sick and mess!, but yoga pants and pajama pants are not clothing. I only wear exercise wear to the gym. I am focused in clothes, not in jammies.

2. Follow the 30 second rule – i.e., if a task will take you less than 30 seconds, DO IT. That piece of trash on the floor? Pick it up. A dish needs to go to the dishwasher? Rinse and shove it in. Don’t procrastinate on the little things because then it’s not 10 little things, it’s 100 and that’s too overwhelming.

3. Break tasks into chunks to make them manageable. The biggest lesson I learned is that a task I often think will take HOURS actually takes less than an hour; it’s just my anticipatory dread. Cleaning my office won’t actually take me 3 hours, but it does take 3 focused 15 minute chunks throughout a day. So much easier!

4. Do routine decluttering rounds – Flylady calls these ‘the 27 fling boogie.’ I’ve adapted them for my girls as ‘picking up boogies’ – I usually ask for 5 minutes and they bargain me down to 3, but they’ve learned that they can often get it done in 3 if we are all helping and we stay focused the whole time. It’s much easier if mommy is there to keep them on track as well. I do the decluttering ones myself for the rest of the house, though as I manage clutter, I am more faithful about decluttering as I clean and organize and the boogies are very infrequent, as I don’t need them.

5. Shine your sink and make your bed every day. It’s true what they say… A made bed makes a messy bedroom look halfway clean. A clean sink makes the kitchen look neater. Plus, when the job is halfway done, I’ll often finish the whole room, and then I feel much better!

And a bonus #6… if you are any type of crafter and you haven’t yet checked out Blitsy… what are you waiting for? I am a paper crafter and I don’t often use deal sites because I find they carry cheaper brands or the stuff that didn’t sell well in the stores – but that is not the case here! I swear I don’t work for them. I got FABULOUS new Technique Tuesday stamps today for a steal. A STEAL! So in case you want to check it out… go!

Linking up with Hallie at 5 favorites/moxie wife today!


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