January Birchboxes; farewell to Ipsy

This is the month that we said “hello, Birchbox man” and “farewell, Ipsy, I wish you well.”  

Hello, BB man:



Birchbox man is $20/month (shipping included) and promises 4-6 deluxe or full size products with one lifestyle item. We’re trying it out for 3 months as my lovely husband keeps asking for my face creams and moisturizers. 🙂 He got a great box! 

American Crew alternator hair styler/Billy Jealousy energizing scrub (I will be stealing this!)/Proraso shave cream/Reviver dry deodorant wipe/freehands knit touch gloves

And for me:



Birchbox for women is $10/month (shipping included) and promises 4-6 deluxe samples/lifestyle items. I was super excited to get the Liz Earle cleanser/muslin cloth! I was also disappointed by the TINY sample of the Camille Beckman body butter. It is a lovely formula, though!

Omnipotent duosity hair treatment/Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and muslin cloth/Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette sampler/UnderArmour no slip head wrap/Camille Beckman body butter/bonus postcards

And… fare thee well, Ipsy. My reasons: 1) I could do without the extra makeup bags. They are just clutter to me; 2) customer service is just not on par with Birchbox; 3) the points program/rewards is nowhere near as good as Birchbox; and 4) I like being able to go to the Birchbox website to order the products I like from my box. 



I really did like my January bag, though!

Epice exfoliant/Elizabeth Mott eye pencil in pearl/proactiv mark fading pads(4)/healthy sexy hair soy leave-in conditioner/MICA lip balm in neutral




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