Five favorites on this winter day

We got at least 6 inches of snow today, if not 7 or 8.  So between the first day of my new exercise class “butts and guts” and the hours of shoveling… I’m beat! So, here are some pretty things:

1. These sheets. I have the best husband ever, who got us a set for Christmas. I am hoping they last for a long, long time… did you know that the best sheets are ones you need to iron, because the n0-wrinkle sheets contain polyester blends? My husband did his research. 🙂  And he SAYS they were a gift for me, but really… he pretty much told me to donate our old sheets.


2. This BB cream from Pond’s. I happened to sign up for free sample, which came with a foil packet large enough for 2 or 3 applications and a $1.50 coupon. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I was formerly using the Garnier bb cream, which gets accolades… but this one has a more matte finish and no scent. SOLD. OH – and this week I found some of the packages at my Target had a $5 coupon attached. Check it out!!


3. Until a few days ago we had a cheap plastic butter container that I found at a rummage sale. Since it’s so darn cold the butter was really hard – so, I put it on top of the toaster while I was toasting bread and thought, “I’ll just leave it there for a minute.” 3 minutes later the toast popped up and I had a nearly melted butter container. 😦  The one bright spot was that at least I didn’t ruin the toaster! I found a crock for 75 cents at Goodwill, so I bought it, but I’m really pining after this pretty red one. And on second thought, this might actually be a sugar jar. ?


4.  This mascara. i got it in my Birchbox a couple of months ago and finally tried it. Mascara in a flex tube – brilliant! I really, really like it – it doesn’t smudge or flake and the brush is nice and big. At the price, though, I’m really glad it came in a subscription box! (If you need more info about Birchbox, which is a monthly subscription box of health/beauty items, go here.)


5. This concealer. This came in my very first Birchbox in November of last year and was my first “I’ve got to buy the full size of this” purchase. The nice thing about Birchbox is that all products that ship in that month’s box (not just your box, all of them!) will ship for free, no matter what the cost.  And when we went to Puerto Rico just a few weeks later (10th anniversary trip!), we happened across a Benefit vending machine while walking through our terminal in JFK in New York. Clearly, I live in middle of nowhere as makeup in vending machines is a new concept for me…

fakeup_900x900 (1)

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7 thoughts on “Five favorites on this winter day

  1. There is NOTHING better than fresh, smooth sheets. People think I’m nuts because I iron all of my pillowcases, just like my mom does. But oh, a smooth bed is a treasure. 🙂 Enjoy those sheets! And I had never seen mascara in a tube. Got to check that out.

    • I couldn’t agree more – a freshly made bed is a wonderful thing! The mascara is truly awesome. And I’m not crazy about mascara, so that says a lot! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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