Unity’s FWF 10/12; KOM Sketch

Happy Friday!

I have a card today that I originally started when this week’s OWH Tuesday Tutorial was announced. I thought, “hmm, I have hot air balloons” and then I remembered the KOM sketch. BINGO. 🙂

MME paper
Unity May 2012 KOM
SU ribbon scrap

In other news, I am doing AWESOME on my “use my stash until the race challenge.” My race is Thanksgiving morning; unfortunately I’ve been sick the past few days but I went to my doctor this week and got some lovely antibiotics and yesterday I ran 3.25 miles. So. I think I can make 5 miles as long as I can stay healthy. Words of encouragement are welcome; that race route seems impossibly long!!

Happy weekend, everyone. be sure to hop back to the Unity blog for the rest of the FWF entries!



12 thoughts on “Unity’s FWF 10/12; KOM Sketch

  1. That distance seems _impossibly_ long to me! Good luck! Good luck sticking to your use your stash challenge, too — I think if you can make cards like this, you'll do just fine! Your balloons are so cute.

  2. 5 miles seem impossibly long to me too… I am still working on consistenly running 3 miles. Your card is adorable, I love those hot air balloons.

  3. Hi Jen, great card! Take it from a long time runner. Five miles is nothing. It's all in your head. If you can run 3.25 while ill, you can run 5 miles healthy — piece of cake. You'll float through those miles like a hot air balloon. Just keep training. You've got plenty of time.

  4. Beautiful card! I love those soft, muted colors….it looks like a perfect day to go for a ride 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better soon so that you can pound that pavement and finish your race! GO-OOO, Jen, GO-OOOO!!!!!!

  5. Lovely card! I love that you paper pieced the balloons.

    I'm not a runner (my idea is that running is reserved for those times when I need to get away from something), so running five miles sounds like quite a challenge but you sound prepared thanks to your training. Personally, I have a couple of walkathons coming up and those are just my speed! Good luck on increasing your distance as the race nears. Be sure to post and let us know how it goes!

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