Bloghop winners!

Hello on this dreary, rainy Tuesday morning – yesterday my first grader had a field trip to the school forest. Boy, am I glad that we had sunshine! This weather would’ve been miserable.

Anyhow, winners. Thank you all so very much for your kind comments this weekend as well as your contributions to OWH! Go get those cards and letters mailed (and for those of you who wondered, yes absolutely recently mailed packages count. Especially as most of you were sending LOTS of cards.). 🙂

Winner #1 is comment 1 from Julie:

Julie said…
Jen –

Great card – I love how you flipped the sketch sideways! I always forget to turn it around for a different perspective.

And winner 2 is commenter 103 from Wwwilloww:

wwilloww said…
K commenting again with a commitment to make and send off at least 2 cards in 2 weeks to OWH!!!

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