OWH TT: Paper piecing!

Oh my gosh. It’s 9:45 pm. Both kids are finally in bed but the 5 year old is not yet asleep. She gashed her forehead on my open office drawer tonight and even though it didn’t bleed much, my DH insisted on taking her into the ER to have it stitched. Yes, Mr. I-Know-I-Just-Cut-My-Leg-With-a-Chainsaw-But-All-I-Need-Is-A-Bandaid aka Mr. I’ll-Use-Your-Staple-Gun-and-Staple-My-Leg-Back-Together (both true stories) took her in. Luckily she didn’t need stitches, and even got a large French fry from McD’s for enduring the ordeal. 🙂

Anyhow, in honor of the Tuesday tutorial over at OWH Stars & Stamps blog, here are a sampling of paper pieced cards. It’s one of my favorite techniques especially as I don’t enjoy coloring images. Well, I do enjoy it, I’m just not very good at it! LOL

Thanks for looking and be sure to link up YOUR paper pieced card for us to see, too!



5 thoughts on “OWH TT: Paper piecing!

  1. Great paper piecing samples Jen. I have never tried this technique but with your helpful tips I think I may give it a go! Thanks for doing this tutorial for OWH.

  2. Hi Jen, I meant to also tell you how much I love your paper piecing and all these beautiful samples! I just posted two paper piecing/miss you cards at OWH S&S; so much fun. I hope your little girl is OK and I lol'd about your DH. My DH's true ER story involved an extension ladder, “I'll be fine!”, and hand surgery at midnight (he's fine now)!

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