Spring cleaning, minus the spring!

With my new birthday peppermint Cricut on the way (hopefully soon – my order is now ‘processing.’ Ship already, darn it!) I decided to spring clean my office/craft space. I did not take before pictures – trust me, you don’t want to know!! 

Anyhow, I took down and cleaned the curtains (complete with my five year old telling me how dangerous it was to stand on the countertops), dusted, cleaned the floor (it needs a new coat of paint. It’s chipped in places from the rolling chair.); then put stuff back and organized. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff, filled up my daughter’s project bin with leftover chipboard and pieces of paper, and found a few things to sell or give away. I still have some work to do in my scrap bins – I’d like to clean them out better, but it’s pretty good!

Anyhow, here’s what it looks like now:

My ribbon and button jars! I scored the big jars on Freecycle.
I’m putting the ribbon on clothespins. I *ahem* underestimated
my ribbon stash and ran out! Oops. Ordering more soon!

The center of the U shape. My cutters, ATG gun, Cuttlebug, and
bins of scrap cardstock and DP and chipboard accents.

The right of the U shape – ribbon jars in the corner, my
sewing machine and baby wipes in the corner with the shredder.
The Cricut will go on this side!!!

The left of the U – my computer and printer (found the
drawer underneath at Target this week on clearance!), my
bulletin boards, and bookshelf. Love the Making Memories
carousel to hold all of my stuff!

A better view of the bookshelf and my Creative Memories 12″
paper organizer. My friend scored me a free one about a year
ago – I love it! It holds a TON of paper.

Love spring cleaning. Now for the snow to start! LOL We’re
about to get about 6″ in the next few hours. Good grief!


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